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“How high could you rise if you weren’t being shaded by compromise, by mediocrity?”, asked Joel Osteen.

Many of us only become a fraction of what we ought to be and never realise our full potential, because we accept to live under certain shades.

Obviously, something is blocking your growth? Be it fear, intimidation, past guilt, shame, doubt, family history, unhealthy relationships, etc. Don’t accept to live under such shades. All it takes is YOU to make that step out of it. That shade will not go on its own. You must make that move.

One thing that will easily stunt your growth is the people that you spend time with. You need to start evaluating your friendships; Do they make your life better, inspire you to reach your dreams, challenge you, push you higher, or are they causing you to compromise, be mediocre, take the easy way out?

You are going to become like the people you continually associate with. When you associate with angry people, you become angry. “When you walk with wise people, you will become wise, says the scriptures.

If you want to know what you are going to be like in 5 years, simply take a good look at your friends. If they don’t match your dreams, do yourself a favour and find new friends. I celebrate you, Daniel Walk for you always challenge and inspire me. Every conversation with you is a learning!

I know you love your friends, BUT your destiny is too great, your assignment too important to hang around people that are not adding to your life.

You need people that bring out the best in you, people that inspire you to do better, that challenge you to live a life of excellence, integrity and fulfillment.

And, some friendships were great for a time but now you have come up higher, you have grown and outgrown them. Take notice of what’s being molded around you and ACT.

I pray and hope that you make that step today. You must realize dreams bigger than you thought of.

Remember, it’s how you finish that matters, not the start.

Wishing you, a good end to the year, 2022!
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