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Our goal is that all people have access to and use a broad range of quality and affordable financial services which helps ensure their financial security. This goal is anchored on three key pillars; Financial and business literacy, technology, and women inclusion. If we are to eradicate household poverty and create more meaningful jobs, individuals and businesses must have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs – transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance – delivered in a responsible and sustainable way. With the most recent national statistics defining over 41 percent and nearly 50 percent of Ugandans and refugees respectively as poor, access to credit (making prudent lending available to all), including heretofore underserved borrowers, is beneficial for purposes like starting a business. Entrepreneurial lending can create jobs and lift communities from poverty.

Despite positive strides made with financial inclusion nearly at 50 percent, access to credit remains a big challenge especially for the small entrepreneurs. It is predominantly characterized by stringent lending terms and very high interests that do not only block many from accessing credit but have been discussed as the leading causes of business collapse.

With our entrepreneurship program’s focus on creating more jobs, we work with small entrepreneurs and start-ups, and provide them with;

  • Business training in business validation, financial management, book keeping and use of technology.
  • Quick access to capital financing with manageable lending terms.

You can partner with us to create more jobs in Uganda.

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” I had issues accessing credit as most lenders always asked me for a land title which I never owned. Even their interests were so high and the last time I got a loan, I had to sell my television to clear the loan. This was because, their loan repayment periods were too short, making it hard for the business to generate enough money to pay back. But with support from Refugees Global, my business has grown, am able to pay rent for my business and where I stay, and I ably pay school fees for my children. they gave me a loan period of 12 months with very little interest on it”



We have supported women groups with start up capital financing. This is Mpungwe group supported with ground nut machines, Nibwobanadho women group-Matovu, Mayuge District supported with ground nuts machines, and many other entrepreneurial ideas.

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