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We are committed to seeing that every action counts. Be it personal, governmental, or by a corporate or agency.

Mukwana Cyrus CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Cyrus Mukwana

Cyrus is a young Ugandan social worker and philanthropist. Born in 1986 and a Sociologist by profession, he has spent much of his life as a dedicated community servant especially for the needy and most vulnerable in his native rural Busoga region, eastern Uganda. Having qualified with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, a Master’s degree of Business Administration and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Governance, Cyrus prides himself in his ability to lead and holding others himself inclusive to account. “I dream of a just society”, he says, “where all persons irrespective of who they are have an equal chance to realise their full potential”, before adding, “ I believe every donation is a sacrifice and it ought be put to its rightful use without any level of compromise”. For Cyrus, to co-found Global Alliance for the Advancement of Refugees and Migrants, he got outraged when Ms Rosa Malongo, (then UN Country Representative to Uganda) defined the refugee situation in the country as PATHETIC, despite the vast resources allocated to advance the lives of Refugees. He would later learn that the life of Refugees was far from what was being reported by government departments and other agencies that were purportedly geared towards uplifting the living standards of those persons. Worst of all, it was not the absence of resources but rather misuse and misappropriation of it that was contributing to such a pathetic situation. This didn’t just give birth to a rhetoric, it was the beginning of an advocacy that would breed social change and advance the lives of those in need by ensuring every ACTION counts. “Our work will be done, only when we see a society in which all individuals irrespective of origin or race, live life in all its Fullness, are valued, protected, cared for, and given the opportunities to realise their full potential by making sure all resources are put to good use”. This is his commitment for this journey. To connect with him, please reach us through our email; contactus@refugeesglobal.org

Wanjiru Jacqueline Grace Waithaka


Wanjiru Jacqueline Grace Waithaka
Jacqueline is a qualified comprehensive nurse from Githurai in the Eastlands of Kenya. At the age of 15 years, she had to make a difficult decision of leaving her family behind and moved to Uganda in search of better opportunities. Having a humble background made it hard for her to realise her full potential on her own but through philanthropic support, she was able to forge a career in human medicines. Her start in a new country, as a migrant had its own challenges. She needed to create new social networks, fend for herself, as well as catering for shelter, feeding, medical care and clothing, among others. During such trying times, Jacqueline also witnessed the suffering faced by other non Ugandan nationals including sexual abuse and infringement of their rights. She made a vow that at the smallest of opportunities, she will be ready to offer support to such vulnerable persons who in most cases have no one to run to With support from several philanthropists, Jacqueline was able to kick-start herself and now, she is ready to give back in support of any other person who could be going through the same situation as she did some few years back. Over the years, she has built a wide network of well-wishers whom she intends to mobilize on a daily basis to contribute towards supporting and advancing the lives of those who make difficult decisions every day to leave their loved ones and everything behind as they seek to start a new life elsewhere. Jacqueline is a living example of “every ACTION counts”.
To connect with Jacqueline, please reach out through the email: contactus@refugeesglobal.org


Prossie Nakalyango
Prossie is a professional Social Worker qualified with a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management. She has for the past 10 years been involved in several humanitarian programs both at local and national level right from initiation through implementation to monitoring and assessment.Driven by her commitment to the girl child and disturbed by the high levels of school dropout within the primary school section and teenage pregnancies among girls aged between 12 and 15 years of age, Prossie put herself behind a research that would try to find a more comprehensive solution to the vice. It was concluded that when absenteeism is defeated, the problem would be overly solved. This gave birth to our program, Attendance works where we focus in keeping all school going children at school through engagement of various stakeholders while applying appropriate tools. Prossie, is guided by a belief that managing any program aimed at advancing the lives of any other person is a God given opportunity to serve that should never be taken for granted. And that she is only a custodian of any such resources made available through human sacrifices and
hard-made decisions. To her, every human ACTION must count and have
a life changing impact for whom it’s intended. To connect with her,
please email us: contactus@refugeesglobal.org



Fred, a seasoned social worker, and a graduate of Social Work and Business Development, leads our Climate 5 project. With the project’s focus on clean energy and smart kitchen, targeting organisations and institutions, Fred brings the right experience,
passion and energy which will see us realise our goal of ending firewood use in the communities where we work.

He brings over 7 years’ experience in humanitarian work from some of the leading organisations in the NGO world, which has seen him lead life changing teams in Eastern Uganda. He leads our clean energy and smart kitchen campaign through which
we are transiting organisations and institutions from use of firewood to organic-waste made briquettes. Fred believes that, over and above the undeniable contribution trees make for humanity, every tree has a right to life, just like all humans, and should be protected to live a full life. Without understating his passion for tree planting, his conviction is that, before we
focus on planting trees, our primary focus must be on ensuring that no tree is cut, unless such trees were planted for that purpose. With him, we have the right resource to drive us towards achieving our goal of making a positive contribution on negating the impacts of climate change. To connect with Fred, kindly reach him through our email; contactus@refugeesglobal.org


Fahadi leads our Smart Farming project, focusing on sustainable Agriculture for increased soil productivity and climate action. A graduate with a degree in Agriculture and Community development, Fahad is experienced in crop production, harvest management, poultry keeping, fish farming, animal production and management technology as well as pasture management. He has for the past 4 years worked with farmers on improved and modern farming approaches in Eastern Uganda as well as contributing to research in fertilizer development and soil management.
Fahadi works with farmers in the development and operationalization of business plans, as individual farmers or farmers groups. Fahadi is a passionate farmer, himself. Our Smart Farming project is based on the principles of Farming God’s Way, and Fahadi is key in the mobilization of farmers, development of plans, implementation of the best practices as well as monitoring farming activities in all communities we work. To connect with Fahadi, kindly reach us through our email; contactus@refugeesglobal.org



Carol is extremely versatile to working environments, innovative, self-driven and committed to working both independently and across teams. As our go to person for the day to day operations, carol has the agility, tenacity, passion and compassion to meet not only our fast-paced daily office demands but to attend to and exceed expectations of every person we serve, be it at office or program level. She shares over 5 years’ experience in public service and humanitarian work. Most striking about her is her passion for children especially the less privileged. According to her, “all children should have an equal` access to all they need if they were to realise their full potential. No child chooses their parents and as thus, they should never

be denied their right to access the basics to a decent childhood by virtue of their background”. With her, we have the right resource to drive us towards achieving our goal of making a positive contribution to the creation of a just world for all.

To connect with Carol, kindly reach her through our email; contactus@refugeesglobal.org



Emmanuel, was our pioneer volunteer when he joined the organization in late 2020. Though from an engineering background and still a university student, his enthusiasm and passion to share his vast talents and skills with others motivated him to join the not for profit world. Emmanuel is guided by the scientific reasoning that play and open free space are key contributors to good mental health, development of social skills and etiquette and are fundamental in creating conducive breeding conditions for creative thinking and innovation. He is aware of the fact that the process through which people leave everything behind including loved ones and relatives, escaping persecution, natural disasters or conflicts is very depressing and stressing as well as being tiring both mentally and physically. According to him, play and open space to share and express oneself are invaluable in rebuilding lost hope, confidence and trust. People are able to create a completely new world for themselves as they develop talents and learn new skills while maintaining a mentally and physically health body and mind, making play a right.He is hands on for all games and sports including physical education in our project schools, music, dance drama, arts, crafts and storytelling among others. To connect with him, please email us: contactus@refugeesglobal.org

Ssekidde Danny Kavuma DRIVER


Danny is a selfless and professional driver. He has over 7 years professional experience with a clear road record over the years. He is effective and efficient in all he does, exhibiting excellent decision making to save the organisation on the meagre resources. Born and brought up in the suburbs of Kampala city, he has lived and experienced the true meaning of vulnerability; violence, conflict and criminality. According to Danny, experience taught him that living with broken social networks and support exposes a person to violence, deters personal growth and development, and if the gap remains open, a person will never realize their full potential. It remains a far-fetched dream for most of such people. Under the circumstances, Danny decided to take small forward steps in an attempt to make a contribution towards the advancement of those facing vulnerability. In 2020, he joined as a volunteer, not minding about pay but fully focused on seeing another person realize a fulfilling life. Even after being retained as a permanent employee, Danny’s passion towards those in need has never receded. He’s always willing to work extra hours in order to see that refugees’ and migrants’ well being and livelihood get advanced. As Global Alliance for the Advancement of Refugees and Migrants, we are pleased to have Danny among our own and always look at his offering with appreciation. To connect with him, please email us: contactus@refugeesglobal.org

We wish to see a well-led society in which all individuals live life to its fullness and are given the opportunities to realize their full potential

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